Between the Burgh & Brooklyn

Between the Burgh & Brooklyn

It's been a while...

Hello! It's been a long time since I last published a blog post here. 2022 was an interesting year for me. A few of the highlights include:

So far this year, in 2023, I have already accomplished a few things:

  • I left my job at Codecademy to pursue contract work

    • I'm still writing curriculum content, though!
  • I traveled to/worked in Brooklyn, NY for the very first time.

Wait, you left Codecademy?!

Yup! But I didn't "leave" in the coldest sense of the word. I left amicably and everyone from my former team was super supportive of my decision. Part of the reason that I left was that I ultimately wanted a change of pace and scenery. I'm the kind of person that longs for a new challenge after a while.

Looking back on Docs

After working (mostly) on this for over 18 months, it became clear to me that Docs was emerging as an important component of the free-tier experience at Codecademy. As of today:

  • There are well over 1,000 Docs entries covering a plethora of topics, concepts, and terms.

  • There are over 1,100 forks of the GitHub repository, as well as 280+ stars. ⭐

As a former maintainer of Docs, I couldn't be more proud of the work that my team and I put in to make Docs what it is today.

What to expect for 2023...


While I'm not yet at liberty to go into detail about my contract work, what I can say about it is this:

  • I'm still going to be writing content within the EdTech space.

  • For the foreseeable future, my focus areas will be narrowed to the core web dev technologies HTML/CSS & JavaScript.

  • Part of my work involves an occasional visit to Brooklyn, NY. 🏙️🗽

    • The commute will be monthly and arduous, but worth it!

Renewed digital presence w/ a blog focus

This year, I want to get back into writing, especially about technical content. However, I'd like to include the following in my digital presence:

  • More engagement on platforms like Twitter and Discord

  • A monthly "check-in" post about what I've been up to, how I'm feeling, and what I hope to tackle/accomplish next

  • Blogs will be more about what I'm learning and how I'm practicing new skills

    • Aiming to publish once per week

Can't wait to get to writing and coding!